Closing Services
Lake County Title works with clients to finalize transactions in real estate sales, in which documents are executed and/or recorded, and the sale (or loan) is completed.

Commercial and Residential Transactions
We represent both the commercial and residential real estate purchasers, sellers and developers in transactions of all types.

Escrow Services
Escrow Services is a method of closing a real estate transaction in which all required documents and funds are placed with a third party for processing and disbursement. When all of the terms and conditions of the transaction have been satisfied, the closing agent delivers the deed to the purchaser, and the sale proceeds to the seller.

1031 Exchange Services
Lake County Title will assist clients involved in a real property or personal property exchange that relates to section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

Homebuilders Service
Our Homebuilder Services provides assistance to Homebuilders and Developers in the planning and approval process, to help eliminate any last minute surprises.

 Limited Lien Searches
We offer Limited Lien Searches to determine if there are any unsatisfied judgments against an individual or entity.

Title Insurance
Title Insurance is your policy of protection against loss due to a claim against your ownership. For a one-time premium paid at closing, the buyer and their heirs will be protected in the event of a future claim long after they transfer the property.